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Dedlines and standards of transportation and delivery of Letter Post Items

The deadline and the standard of transportation and delivery of of postal items means the time period from the time when the item is posted until the actual delivery to addressee. The time of posting is stamped on a Certificate of Posting, i.e. on the postal item when no Certificate of Posting is issued to the sender.

Deadlines of transportation and delivery have been defined for letter-post items in domestic postal operation system while the the standards of transportation and delivery for letter-post items have been defined in international postal operation system.

Domestic postal operations

BH Postal Service is obliged to obey the following terms of delivery:

Letter post items submitted and delivered in the same postal centre ( Canton), within:

- one day for priority and urgent items;

- three days for other items.

Letter post items submitted on the area of one postal centre (Canton) to be delivered on the area of another postal centre (Canton) or another postal operator (HP Mostar and PS Banja Luka):

- two days for priority items;

- four days for all other items.

International postal operations

Standards of transportation and delivery of letter-post items (pdf) in international postal operation system represent framework transportation time instead of the warranted time of transporation. The JP BH POŠTA" d.o.o. Sarajevo is not obliged to deliver the letter-post items in international postal operations according to the standards.

Term of delivery does not include:

- day when postal item is submitted;

- period of delay due to incorrect and incomplete address of the addressee;

- period of delay due to Force Majeure or halt in the traffic not caused by postal operator;

- days off and days when postal services are not provided.

- duration time of customs procedure in the country of destination.

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