The hybrid mail is a combination of traditional letter post services and electronic mail. The very adjective “hybrid” indicates it constitutes a combination of services. It integrates the state-of-the-art technologies and classic postal technology. The employment of IC technologies in the oldest postal service – transmission of post items and pieces of mail – has become inevitable.

The main concept of hybrid mail is that the company, institution or physical entity will send a piece of information (i.e. invoice, advertising message, etc) to a postal operator in electronic form. Following this, the given information or item, i.e. physical post will be processed, printed and packed in the envelope, and physically mailed, in the shortest period of time,  to the target group which the company, institution or physical entity attempts to contact.

The range of serviced provided within the hybrid mail service:

  • Development of pre-printed formats, and patterns in compliance with the requests of clients,
  • Reception of data required for printing,
  • Software preparation for printing, in line with the prepared data,
  • The printing of variable data on previously prepared patterns and formats, i.e. creation of final design and layout of the letter,
  • Enveloping the letter or arranging the letters in “Z-letter”,
  • Delivery of prepared post items for further processing and dispatch,
  • Delivery of post items to the target addresses.

The services of hybrid mail are used to produce:

  • invoices
  • warnings and admonitions
  • bank statements and
  • various forms of post items, pieces of mail and promotional announcements

How Does Hybrid Mail Function?

  • The sender or addresser send the data base from its PC (in the form of standard file format: txt, xls, dbf, etc.) via Internet (or stores it on data carriers: discs, CD, DVD, USB, etc). The received file contains the data required to deliver a service to a client or user (data on sender, text/image of the message, the address of the addressee, the number of copies, date when the post item is to be dispatched, etc)
  • Pursuant to the received file, the software data processing is performed and the data are prepared for printing.
  • In printing stage, the message assumes desired form (dimensions and positions of the text/image, letter font, etc).
  • At the end, the messages/letter is automatically enveloped, thus creating the post items that are to be delivered to target users.

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