Commission Trade in BH Postal Service

Commission trade is a form of trade comprising an agent on one side and its client on the other.

The agent (BH Postal Service) acts as intermediary acting in its own name but for the account of the client (Supplier) which is a producer or owner of the merchandise. A fee the agent receives is called commission for the goods sold, which have to be sold with “care and diligence of a prudent businessman“.

Contract is signed for each commission deal. On the basis of the contract, an agent receives sales order for sale of certain goods, i.e. instructions of imperative and indicative nature. Commission order can be commercial or fixed. Commercial order implies purchasing and sale of goods under optimal conditions obliging the client, and the fixed order implies receiving fixed requirements that have to be obeyed, as difference is borne by the client. Commission order may be of ad hoc nature (from case to case). Commission sale is usually conducted by specialised companies qualified for certain types of business, i.e. goods, with insufficient capital of its own.

BH Postal Service usually uses fixed commission contracts.

Retail Outlets

BH Postal Service carries out sale:

  • online via our eShop,
  • in almost all its branches (postal units) that have at least one or more counters, as well as in the Post Shops which exist in the Postal Centres in Goražde (one), Zenica (two), Bihać (three) and Mostar (two). Sale of commission merchandise entails use of showcases, stands or shelves installed in appropriate places in the post offices.

Product Assortment

BH Postal Service in its retail outlets offers a wide range of merchandise appropriate for sale in post offices. In addition to postcards and greeting cards, it is possible to purchase daily newspapers, magazines, various publications, books, school and office supplies, adhesive duty stamps, products like lighters and key chains, cigarettes and other products.

In addition, BH Postal Service offers the following commercial services:

  • copying and binding of documents;;
  • transport services;
  • freight forwarding;
  • expedite services,
  • insurance services etc.

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