Telegram is a written communication conveyed from the sender to the addressee through the mediation of a post office.

Users can submit their telegrams:

  • by telephone, dial 1202
  • at a post office
  • online via eShop

As a rule, telegrams are delivered personally to the addressee.

If so required by a sender, a telegram may be delivered on a specific day, but only within the period of 30 days following the date of a telegram acceptance at a post office.

A telegram may be sent in English. In that case an accurate text has to be submitted at a post office counter.

BH Post guarantees to customers confidentiality of telegrams. Information on telegrams is disclosed only on written request of the sender, addressee or persons authorized by them. Likewise, upon written request information is disclosed to a court, public prosecutor and other authorities.

Telegraph Service working hours: 07:00 – 20:00 (mon – sat)

Further Info:

Deluxe Telegram is a special service type for telegram delivery on a special form appropriate for special occasions – national and other holidays, celebration events, anniversaries and other occasions including that of conveying condolences.

Deluxe Telegrams catalogue

Telegraphic order is used by the sender to telegraphically remit a certain amount of money to the addressee and serves as a payment order document. This type of a telegram can contain a special note for the addressee.