Adressing of postal items

The sender shall address the postal item in the manner defined by provisions from the Regulations on General Conditions for provision of postal services.

Ordinary postal item may be addressed to several recipients but the recipients must have the same address.

The recipient’s address must be put on the right low address-side of item and parallel with its long side. In case of window envelopes, the address may be on right or left low part of the address side of the item. The address of the recipient is the only text to be visible through the transparent window of the envelope.

Recipient’s address may be stuck or fixed on the right low part of the address side of the item except on insured letter of over 100,00 BAM value. An address tag may be used for postal items which the recipient’s address is not possible to be written on. The address tag must be made of solid cardboard or some other corresponding material, of dimensions not smaller than 90 x 140 mm.

Proper way of writing of address

Data contained in the address should be written one below the other in following order:

  1. title, name, surname or the name of the recipient
  2. street, number, no. of entrance, floor, no. of flat, village, settlement, etc, PO box with No. or military post office No. MPO) or the „poste restante“ indication
  3. zip code and the name of the place (post office of destination). The name of the place should be written, as a rule, with capital letters
  4. the name or abbreviation of the name of the country for items in international postal operations

Unique ID No. of the company is allowed to be written below the name of the recipient.

There shouldn’t be any written or graphic sign below the recipient’s address.

Beside the name of the recipient being the subtenant, there should be the name of the landlord written on the envelope (ex. Sanja Marić with Damir Šeremet).

The recipient’s address should be written in Latin letters and Arabic numbers. Provided that the name of place and the country of destination are written in Latin letters, the postal items addressed abroad may be addressed in letters of the country of destination.

Address data must not be written with a pencil.

The sender shall, beside the recipient’s address, to write also his full address on: small parcel, recorded delivery item, registered item, insured letter, EMS item, parcel, postal and telegraphic money order. The sender shall write his address on all items posted through a contract and on items free of postage. Writing of recipient’s address on other items is not obligatory but is advisable.

Sender’s address should be written on upper left part of the address side of the item or on the back.

“Poste restante” items should contain name, surname, „poste restante“ indication, zip code and name of post office of destination.

Items addressed to PO Box should contain full name or name and surname of the user of the PO Box, number of PO Box, zip code and name of post office of destination.

Designated postal operator may refuse posting of an item not addressed in the way described in provisions of the article and the acts of Universal Postal Union, for postal items in international postal operations.