Jubilee – 17th Anniversary Of Karl May’s Birthday
First Female Doctor In B&H – Dr Š. Iblizović
M. Ejubović Šejh – Jujo
Academic – Juraj Neidhardt
Flora – Leontopodium And Gentiana
UŠIT 2003
Preporod 2003
Kulin Ban
Flora 05 Roses
Literature – Hasan Kikić
110th Anniversary Of Electric Tram
Vegetable – Garlic And Carrot
Vegetable – Borecole And Cabbage
Winter Olympic Games – Torino
60 Years Of Sarajevo Nathional Theatre
Tourism In B&H Prokos Lake
Gastronomy – Stuffed Apples And Sis Kebab
Science – Campus Of The School Of Pharmacy
Anniversaries – Merhamet
Anniversary Of Charles Darwin’s Birth
Historical Archives Of Sarajevo
150 Years. From The Birth Of The Double Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)
Day Of Missing Persons
National Cultural Monuments In B&H – Old City Srebrenik
Architectural Legacy In Jeopardy – Old City Ostrožac
Sport – Winter Olympic Games 2010 In Vancouver Block
FLORA – Jasna’s Gentian
EUROPA – Forests
EUROPA – Forests (block)
EUROPE: “Visit To Bosnia …”
JUBILEE – 100 Years Since The Sinking Of The Ship Titanic
Railways – Steam Locomotives
Europe- Post Vehicle (block)
Europe – Post Vehicle
Fauna – Bugs, Grasshopper And Cricket
450 Years Of Williams Shakespeare’s Birth
Musical Instruments
Reduction On Disaster Risk – Floods
Lady Bug (Coccinllidae)
Handball – Picture Of B&H Team
150 Years Since The First Issue On Newspapers In B&H
400 Years Of Cervantes Saavedra Miguelde’s Death
Europe – Think Green
Fauna  – Eagle (Aquila Pomarina)
Cultural Heritage  – Handy Coffee Grinder And Traditional Coffee Grinding Device (printing Techniques: Blinddruck)