Characteristics and providers of universal postal service are defined in accordance with the Law on Posts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Law on Postal Operations of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Universal postal service represents minimum of postal service selection provided at the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and under equal conditions for all the customers, within prescribed quality and at affordable prices.

Postal operators providing universal service at whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina are obliged to provide minimum package of postal services in order for all the customers to meet their needs at affordable prices and within defined quality standards.

Universal postal service comprises posting, dispatch, transportation, arrival and delivery of letter-post items weighing up to 2 kg and of parcels weighing up to 31,5 kg as well as money orders, direct mail, postal and telegraphic announcements, registered and insured items, literature for the blind weighing up to 7 kg.

All other services – courier services and hybrid mail services (not all the services belong to  commercial services; „Z“ letter item belongs to reserved services according to the Price List of our services) and advertising in postal offices represent commercial services in which designated postal operators and other postal operators compete each other at the postal service market.

Universal postal service is provided every working day, at least five days in week, other than under geographic and other conditions defined as extraordinary circumstances, according to postal regulations.