Philatelic shop (Philatelic Bureaus or Stamp Shops)

Philatelic Shops or Bureaus are special counters or premises within the post office intended for postage stamp collectors – philatelists.

In these shops you can obtain all issues of regular (definitive), commemorative and special stamps issued by BH Postal Service/JP BH Post Office, first day covers, maximum cards, annual programmes that include the days on which the stamps were issued, accompanying bulletins covering each stamp issue, and other advertising and publicity materials.

Aiming to improve our services, we plan to expand the operations and scope of activities of the existing philatelic shops.

The supply of philatelic shops will include the philately accessories such as tongs, magnifiers, philatelic albums, and other items that are indispensable tools for passionate and fervent philatelists, but also for those who are just beginning to pursue a hobby in postage stamp collecting.

The addresses of philatelic shops Philatelic in district offices:

Central Post Office Sarajevo
Post Office 71101, address: Obala Kulina Bana 8
Post Office 71120, address: Zmaja od Bosne 88

Central Post Office Tuzla
Post Office 75101, address: Aleja Bosanskih Vladara 29

Central Post Office Zenica
Post Office 72101, address: Masarikova 46

Central Post Office Travnik
Post Office 72270, address: Travnik, Prnjavor br. 11
Post Office 70230, address: Bugojno, Nugle II
Post Office 70240, address: Gornji Vakuf, Mehmed bega Stočanina
Post Office 70220, address: Donji Vakuf, 14 Septembar
Post Office 70290, address: Novi Travnik, Trg Zlatnih Ljiljana
Post Office 71270, address: Fojnica, Mehmeda Spahe

Central Post Office Bihać

Post Office 77101, address: Bosanska 3

Central Post Office Mostar
Post Office 88104, address:  Braće Sejića bb
Post Office 88110, address: Onesukova bb

The philatelic issues of JP BH Posta /BH Postal Service can be also obtained in abroad, with our official sales agents:

Feldbergerstrasse 57
D-61440 Oberursel
Tel: 00 49 6171 62820
Fax: 00 49 6171 628282

British & Overseas Philatelic Agency, Ltd.
4th Fl Sho-ei Building 1-11-3  Shibuya
Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN
Tel: 813-3499-5250

Philately Company s.r.o.
Radounova 2681/24
155 00 Prague
Czech Republic
website :
e-mail :

FSUE PTC “Marka”
4/6 bld. 9, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 123242, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7 499 254 61 49
Fax +7 499  254 85 84

Piazza Dei Martiri 25
32100 Belluno

Brian J.Dias
Bombay Philatelic, Inc.
P.O. Box 480574
Delray Beach, Fl 33448 USA
Phone : 561-499-7990
Fax : 561-499-7553
website :