International Awards

Today, BiH is regularly presented on fairs of world and international significance, through its philatelic issues and it as won many awards and recognitions:

  • BiH was granted an Award for Publishing Project in Philately, at Cologne Philatelic Fair in 1995;
  • Silver Medal at International Competition in Croatia in 1997.
  • International Competition in 2000, Asiago, Italy – with 80 countries competing, the commemorative postage stamp featuring Islamic School “Kursumli Madrasah in 1537“, designed by Mufid Garibija, was declared the most beautiful postage stamp on the world promoting the cultural heritage in 1999.

The jury deemed that the reference to this motive was extremely valuable, because this historic event underlines the significance of education and literacy, being essential in achieving understanding between people.

  • The postage stamp of BH Postal Service, featuring four religions, is displayed inSwitzerland, in Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) exhibition hall. The stamp of BH Postal Service was ranked 6th amongst contenders in postage stamps competition in 2003 and it was published in the leading world philatelic magazine, French Timbropress.
  • The postage stamp, designed by Sanjin Fazlić, featuring the motive and theme of “Architectural Heritage – Post in Sarajevo” (2003) was awarded the title of the most beautiful commemorative stamp at International Competition in Asiago, Italy – 2004.
  • First world prize received by All-China Philatelic Federation in 2004.
  • In 2008, at “Montenegrofila 2008” International Philatelic Exhibition, BH Postal Service’s exhibit won silver medal in the category “Modern Philately”. The exhibit included commemorative and definitive stamps issued in the period 2005 – 2007. This recognition is to be added to the myriad of awards won by philatelic issues of BH Postal Service.
  • At the 7th International Stamp Championship for the most beautiful postage stamp issued in 2008, in Beijing, China, BH Postal Service received award for the most beautiful stamp issued as a part of the block in 2009.

The participation in exhibitions and fairs is the best way to promote philately, both in the region and in the world. This is the best opportunity to present the multidimensionality of postage stamp to a wider audience. Save the value it has for the stamp collectors, the stamp also symbolizes the country of its origin.

Youth Philately

Twenty Years of BH Postal Service Postage Stamp

BH Postal Service (JP BH Pošte” d.o.o. Sarajevo), with the head office in Sarajevo, was established following the breakup of Yugoslavia and declaration of independence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RBiH).
The first issue of postage stamps of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was produced in Sarajevo under the siege on 27 October 1993. The first issue consisted of seven definitive stamps depicting the image of the then coat of arms of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina displaying fleur-de-lis.The authors of the issues were JasminkoMulaomerović and SavoVasiljević. It was printed in the Sarajevo Institute of Geodesy on a plain paper without perforations in a print run of 50,000 sets, 50-piece sheets and in a booklet of 50 identical stamps.

Denominations ranged from 100 (yellow), 500 (pink), 1,000 (blue), 5,000 (green), 10,000 (yellow), 20,000 (beige) to 50,000 (gray) Bosnia and Herzegovina Dinars (BHD). A souvenir sheet (issued in 500 copies) of these first RBiH postage stamps reads: “These postage stamps were printed under the conditions of war (Without paper, colour, electricity or water. Only with the good will.)”

Only a year later, on 08 February 1994, commemorative stamps were issued honouring the tenth anniversary of the XIV Olympic Games “Sarajevo 84”. At the beginning, postage stamps of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina thematically featured situation in BiH during the war. In addition to the images of war destruction, depicted in a series of seven stamps with an image of the Main Post Office in Sarajevo in 1995, the themes included historical images, images from nature, art, sport and religion.

In the period from 15 July 1994 to 01 October 1997, postage stamps were denominated in Dinars (10,000 old Dinars = 1 new Dinar). On 01 October 1997, BiH introduced a new currency, Convertible Mark (1 KM = 100 Dinars), which is still in use. Since 1996, postage stamps depict the name of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina. BH Postal Service is a member of the UPU and thematic issues each year are similar to the thematic issues of other postal services worldwide.

BH Postal Service regularly takes part in stamp fairs of global and international significance, presenting its philatelic issues and it has won many awards and recognitions.

BiH won the award for Publishing Project in Philately at the Cologne Fair in 1995. BiH Postal Service was awarded a silver medal at the international competition in Croatia in 1997. At the international competition in which 80 countries took part, held in 2000 in Italy, the commemorative postage stamp depicting the 1537 Kurumli Madrasah, designed by MufidGaribija, was declared the most beautiful postage stamp in the world in 1999 in the field of cultural heritage.

The postage stamp of BH Postal Service, featuring four religions, is displayed in Switzerland, in the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) exhibition hall. The stamp of BH Postal Service was ranked 6th in the 2003 postage stamps competition run by the leading philatelic magazine in the world, the French Timbropress.

The postage stamp, designed by Sanjin Fazlić, featuring the theme of “Architectural Heritage – Post Office in Sarajevo” was awarded the title of the most beautiful commemorative stamp at the international competition in Asiago, Italy in 2004. The BH Postal Service was awarded the first prize by the China Philatelic Federation in 2004. At the international philatelic exhibition“Montenegrofila 2008”, BH Postal Service’s exhibit won silver medal in the category “Modern Philately”. The exhibit included commemorative and definitive stamps issued in the period from 2005 to 2007.

In Beijing, at the 7th international stamp competition for the most beautiful postage stamp issued in 2008, BH Postal Service received an award for the most beautiful block stamp for the commemorative issue “Europe 2008 – The Letter”.

At the tenth international competition for the most beautiful postage stamp in 2010, BH Postal Service won one more award, the third one from China. The postage stamp with the theme “Fauna”, depicting “Swan” by Tamer Lučarević received award for the best designed postage stamp.

BH Postal Service won another prestigious award for the best postage stamp. BH Postal Service won this flattering award at the 11th international competition in China for the best foreign postage stamp in 2011. In a very strong competition, theflora themed postage stamp depicting the image of “GentianaJasnae” by Tamer Lučarević won the first place.



Philately in Schools

The project Philately in Schools was developed in line with recommendations and suggestions presented to BH Postal Service by the World Association for the Development of Philately, which moreover guarantees success of this project. The main objective of the project is “to develop long-term strategy for advancement and revival of philately and stamp collection, as well as to improve literacy and writing skills in schools”.

Working together with us, and through postage stamps, young philatelists have an opportunity to learn more about history, literature, important historical figures, flora and fauna, religion, ecology, sport, space and interesting events in the country and the world. The idea is that this education programme on philately should direct youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to take the road of friendship, peace and love which will lead them to the world of truth, knowledge, happiness, world of children’s imagination …

In addition, by use of postage stamps, BH Postal Service wants to make school days to children in Bosnia and Herzegovina more interesting, pleasant and happier and invite them to peek into the chanting and wonderful world of philately.

As result of the project Philately in School, there were ten junior philatelic clubs established all over Bosnia and Herzegovina (in Travnik, Fojnica, Konjic, Sanski Most, Bihać, Sarajevo, etc.) gathering over 700 members. Establishment of junior philatelic clubs also included preparation of supporting materials such as: printing of “Manual for Young Philatelists” adjusted for youngsters, design and printing of membership cards for young philatelists, design of shirts with characters from postage stamps, distribution of appropriate gifts, such as books for school libraries and promotional material and school items for young philatelists. We also printed posters featuring postage stamps and organised exhibitions of postage stamps issued by the BH Postal Service that were visited by students from numerous schools in regions where junior philatelic clubs were established.

Marketing services of the BH Postal Service organised and opened the first youth philatelic exhibition in BiH on 26 May 2008 in the foyer of its Head Quarters in Sarajevo. Some 700 members of junior philatelic clubs coming from different cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in this exhibition.

Postage Stamps Sale

Philatelic shop (Philatelic Bureaus or Stamp Shops)

Philatelic Shops or Bureaus are special counters or premises within the post office intended for postage stamp collectors – philatelists.

In these shops you can obtain all issues of regular (definitive), commemorative and special stamps issued by BH Postal Service/JP BH Post Office, first day covers, maximum cards, annual programmes that include the days on which the stamps were issued, accompanying bulletins covering each stamp issue, and other advertising and publicity materials.

Aiming to improve our services, we plan to expand the operations and scope of activities of the existing philatelic shops.

The supply of philatelic shops will include the philately accessories such as tongs, magnifiers, philatelic albums, and other items that are indispensable tools for passionate and fervent philatelists, but also for those who are just beginning to pursue a hobby in postage stamp collecting.

The addresses of philatelic shops Philatelic in district offices:

Central Post Office Sarajevo
Post Office 71101, address: Obala Kulina Bana 8
Post Office 71120, address: Zmaja od Bosne 88

Central Post Office Tuzla
Post Office 75101, address: Aleja Bosanskih Vladara 29

Central Post Office Zenica
Post Office 72101, address: Masarikova 46

Central Post Office Travnik
Post Office 72270, address: Travnik, Prnjavor br. 11
Post Office 70230, address: Bugojno, Nugle II
Post Office 70240, address: Gornji Vakuf, Mehmed bega Stočanina
Post Office 70220, address: Donji Vakuf, 14 Septembar
Post Office 70290, address: Novi Travnik, Trg Zlatnih Ljiljana
Post Office 71270, address: Fojnica, Mehmeda Spahe

Central Post Office Bihać

Post Office 77101, address: Bosanska 3

Central Post Office Mostar
Post Office 88104, address:  Braće Sejića bb
Post Office 88110, address: Onesukova bb

The philatelic issues of JP BH Posta /BH Postal Service can be also obtained in abroad, with our official sales agents:

Feldbergerstrasse 57
D-61440 Oberursel
Tel: 00 49 6171 62820
Fax: 00 49 6171 628282

British & Overseas Philatelic Agency, Ltd.
4th Fl Sho-ei Building 1-11-3  Shibuya
Tokyo 150-0002 JAPAN
Tel: 813-3499-5250

Philately Company s.r.o.
Radounova 2681/24
155 00 Prague
Czech Republic
website :
e-mail :

FSUE PTC “Marka”
4/6 bld. 9, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 123242, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7 499 254 61 49
Fax +7 499  254 85 84

Piazza Dei Martiri 25
32100 Belluno

Brian J.Dias
Bombay Philatelic, Inc.
P.O. Box 480574
Delray Beach, Fl 33448 USA
Phone : 561-499-7990
Fax : 561-499-7553
website :

Special postage stamp program for 2018.


  • January 30 – Jubilee – 75th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s Death
  • February 28 – Remarkable persons – Character and heritage of Mehmed –Pasha Sokolović
  • March 30 – Cable ways Reconstruction of Sarajevo cable way


  • April 17 – Fauna – White-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor)
  • May 9- EuropeBridges
  • June 22 – Jubilee – 20th Birthday of Convertible Mark


  • August 22- Sport –
  • September 21 – International Days International Peace Day


  • October 9 – Children’s Postal Stamp
  • October 25 – Flora – White Willow (Salix alba)
  • October 25 – Fauna – Dragonfly (Odonata)


  • Gastronomy; food specialties – Herzegovina stuffed wine grape leaves, onions, mixes stuffed vegetables, stuffed cabbage leaves, Bosnian ravioli (triangle-shaped meat-stuffed pasta in sauce of heavy cream, butter and garlic)
  • Gastronomy; desserts – Divit baklava, spiral baklava, kadaif syrupy dessert, hurmašica and tulumba syrupy desserts
  • Nuts: walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts
  • Flora, therapeutic herbs; chamomile, marigold, cranberry, thyme and pomegranate

and three issues with freely selected theme and motive.

————————————————————————————————————————-Postal Stamp and Securities Program 2018 may be modified as for its motives, date of issue, nominal value and number of printed copies, as well as issue of two special editions.